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Lesbian Erotica at LadiesWeb.Net
A decent collection of stories and poetry, varying in quality. Features some obnoxious banner ads here and there, though, as well as 'pin-up' pics interspersed throughout.
Update 11/20/2004: the originally posted link is no longer valid, to reach these writings now you will need to navigate to them from the home page (now linked above) and have frames enabled in your browser.

She Cards
A hard-to-categorize site, its staple is online greeting cards geared towards women who love women. BTW, if you don't want the Comet Cursor download popup to appear constantly while navigating this and other sites, visit this page to turn it off.

Lesbian Pulp Fiction
"'Come here, Laura.' She looked unearthly as she spoke, with her black hair tumbled, her cheeks crimson. ...They stood motionless, so close that they touched. ...Laura shook all over. She couldn't talk except to repeat the other girl's name over and over, as if she were in a trance...Neither of them heard the phone ring, felt the chill of the rainy night, knew of anything except each other."
Essay and short summaries of many of these novels from the 50s and 60s.

A Room of Her Own
"A dynamic anthology of lesbian fiction." Well-categorized, small-but-growing archive of stories, poetry, and essays. Definitely worth a look, some of the material is very well-written.

Sapphic Voices
Another well-categorized story and poetry archive, with a truly Xena-obsessed fanfic section!

An extensive site dedicated to black lesbian erotica.
Under the Couch with Kimberly
She's not messy, she's creative! :) A fun site with lots of hidden areas to explore and stories to read.
Sapphic Ink
A lesbian literary journal that published four issues in 1996-97, all four can be accessed from here.
A webzine showcasing a limited selection of lesbian writing.

Rhapsody's Haven This site is no longer active.
Another home page of a fairly prolific author, Rhapsody offers poetry, fiction, Xena fanfiction and more. Not the best designed site, though, with dark text on dark backgrounds, a new window for every link, etc. Also, here are a couple more direct links to the special fonts she uses: Viner Hand ITC and Bradley Hand ITC.


Womyn Books!
A non-profit Amazon affiliate offering a decently large selection of books, organized in a smattering of categories or as a master list.

Simply Pink
Poorly designed, difficult to navigate site offering a few books, a larger selection of (non-X) videos, and a "Pride Gifts" section with buttons, bumper stickers etc.

Naiad Press
A very friendly site with offerings up and down the board of lesbian literature and video.
Update 11/20/2004: the original proprietors of this site have retired, and have passed it on to Bella Books.
Amazon.coms's section on lesbian erotic fiction
Amazon.com's section on lesbianism

Sapphisticate This site is no longer active.
"For the dykescriminating reader" *groan* Amazon affiliate offering a decent selection of books, audio books, music and movies (non-X). Site design could use a bit of an overhaul, though.

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Dragoneyes Collection of Poetry
A very large archive of lesbian poetry varying wildly in quality, by various authors.

Isle of Lesbos: Lesbian Poetry
The best online resource for historical lesbian poetry (i.e. material without a copyright).
Lisa Jain Thompson's Starpoet
Lots of good material from this prolific writer, click here to go directly to her poems.

Raquel's Poetry Page This site is no longer active.
Another personal home page of poetry writings, with a very 'young' feel to them. What makes her stand out is her unique around-the-world background.

Poetry in the Dark This site is no longer active.
The poetry section of a larger personal homepage. Not the best written material out there, though, IMO.

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Erotic Fiction

Sisters in Love
Site authored by Jan Vincent, writer of the famous "Sisters" erotic story.

Erotic Stories For Lesbians by Louise Ann Padden
Homespace for some excellent erotic fiction by this author. Hosted by AngelFire, though, so watch out for pop-ups!

Short Stories by Claire Cappelletti
Features a few very hot, well-written stories by this author.

A decently large selection of erotica, mostly lesbian-themed but with some transgendered material as well.
Update 11/20/2004: changed the link to reflect the new location of these stories after HerCurve's redesign.

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive
Huge amount of material in their lesbian category, well organized by theme and content.
Swades' Erotica
Girls only! The site is free but password protected, Swade will ONLY allow access to women.

Sappho Says
aka A Writer's World. Despite the URL this is another personal homespace for an author's writings. Writings are ok, not great..
Update 11/20/2004: the original link now redirects to a sleazy, ad-infested site.

Wild Women Dreamin' Wet Sadly, the dykesworld domain is no more.
Wow! Highly recommended, some great selections in these story archives!

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